Little Donkey gets 40,000+ views

Really chuffed this video has grown so popular. Intrigued by exponential growth factors! Is it a matter of being added to Playlists and then played more?

Little Donkey tribute to Eric Boswell

The Corkbots were touched by the loss of Eric Boswell this November, so they dedicated their Christmas video to his honour.

Little Donkey was featured by the Daily Edge. Thanks to Ursula O’Reilly Traynor the video has now reached 15,000 views on YouTube, my highest hitting so far!

Corkbot Computer Game

Professor Corkbot’s Cat and the White Spider from Brona McVittie on Vimeo. Further to the adventures of Professor Corkbot’s Cat, Riddles the cat now features in a computer game created by Gledsley Muller. Play the predator and learn about how evolution works : Riddles the Cat Computer Game Read more →

Amhrán na dTurcaithe – Turkey’s Song

Amhrán na dTurcaithe (The Turkey Song) from Brona McVittie on Vimeo. Mati Bustani Wood is 6 years old. In August 2010 he was diagnosed with neuroblastoma. He has had a tumour removed from his brain and is now undergoing chemotherapy. Mati asked the corkbots to nominate Action Aid as their Christmas Charity for 2010. They made a video for him,… Read more →

Little Donkey

The Corkbot Christmas Card 2009, dedicated to the late Eric Boswell, who wrote the hymn – Little Donkey – to a different tune. Little Donkey from Brona McVittie on Vimeo. Read more →

Professor Corkbot and the Lambton Worm

Created by pupils of Exton Primary School, with support from Creative Partnerships, the MRC Clinical Sciences Centre and the Corkbots as part of their continued celebration of Darwin’s bicentenary year in 2009. This short film is inspired by experiments Darwin did with earthworms – recreated by Exton Primary School pupils – to see if they could hear. Professor Corkbot and… Read more →


The Corkbot Christmas Card 2008 inspired by a Scots Gaelic nursery rhyme about a snowman. The tune is borrowed from the Irish traditional jig, Kitty lie over. Bodach from Brona McVittie on Vimeo. Read more →