Welcome to the world of corkbots

Singer-songwriter Bróna McVittie has released two critically-acclaimed solo albums.

We Are the Wildlife in 2018, which garnered a string of 4-star reviews from Uncut, Mojo, The Guardian and The Independent; and The Man in the Mountain in 2020, which reached no. 4 in The Guardian Best Folk Albums of 2020. Both are available on all major digital platforms. A selection of limited-edition merchandise is available through the  Company of Corkbots label imprint on State 51. Visit the Corkbots Greedbag.

“McVittie’s voice is clear, hypnotic and uncannily timeless, floating between Broadcast’s Trish Keenan and Clannad’s Moya Brennan. A fantastic, exploratory record that draws you in” ★★★★ MOJO

“You’re put in the place of a bird navigating wide open landscapes, absorbing light, space and air. This is music that takes you on its wing, and gives you fresh visions”★★★★ The Guardian

“McVittie takes her inspiration from W.B. Yeats’s idea of a kind of Celtic phantasmagoria which can be felt but remains essentially ineffable, and has recorded a timeless mix of traditional and original material”★★★★ MOJO

“Heavenly debut…boldly experimental…Simply gorgeous” 8/10 Uncut Magazine

“A rare, and rarefied, beauty” ★★★★ The Independent

Corkbots are recycled robots; made from leftover things.