Welcome to the world of corkbots

Corkbots are recycled robots; made from leftover things.

Next time you pop a bottle of bubbly, don’t throw away the cork or the holder. Make your own corkbot. Then send us pictures of your bot and their adventures. Corkbots like company. Most of our bots have gone to good homes, where they get pride of place on the mantlepiece or a nice sunny spot on a windowsill. Although they don’t like to be left for long periods, they are fairly hardy and don’t complain much.

Corkbots have names like Pog, the three-legged pig-dog or Wug, a novel species who doubles as a pin-cushion. Corkbots were created by Brona McVittie and have already starred in several music videos. The recent adventures of Professor Corkbot’s Cat explore scientific themes like evolution. Corkbots will soon be coming to a kitchen table near you.

To view their latest video, click here.